How Is the Peace of God Found?

God’s peace can never come where anger is, for anger must deny that peace exists. Who sees anger as justified in any way or any circumstance proclaims that peace is meaningless, and must believe that it cannot exist. In this condition, peace cannot be found. Therefore, forgiveness is the necessary condition for finding the peace of God.

How can the peace of God be recognized?

God’s peace is recognized at first by just one thing: in every way it is totally unlike all previous experiences. It calls to mind nothing that went before. It brings with it no past associations. It is a new thing entirely. There is a contrast, yes, between this thing and all the past. But strangely, it is not a contrast of true differences. The past just slips away, and in its place is everlasting quiet.

Release of Worry As A Mechanism For Solving Problems

God holds your future as He holds your past and present. What worry can beset the one who gives his future to the loving hands of God? What can he suffer? What can cause him pain, or bring experience of loss to him? What can he fear? And what can he regard except with love? For he who has escaped all fear of future pain has found his way to present peace, and certainty of care the world can never threaten.

"If I'm not experiencing great joy and inner peace in this situation, I need to learn another way of seeing!"

Each one peoples his world with figures from his individual past, and it is because of this that private worlds do differ. But the figures that he sees were never real, for they are made up only of his reactions to his brothers, and do not include their reactions to him.

Do not seek vision through your eyes. For you made your way of seeing that you might see in darkness, and in this you are deceived.

“I have invented this situation as I see it.”

“There is another way of looking at this.”

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